PowerPoint 2013 2016 2019 - Video Animation in Powerpoint
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PowerPoint can be used for video animation, and I want YOU to complete two projects in this course so that you can become confident and ready to make any animation you want on your own! Did you always want to create impressive logo reveals and video animations like the big guys do?Do you struggle to learn advanced animation software like Adobe After Effects?Do you need better branding on your website and your YouTube channel?Don't worry! I have you covered with this course because animations like that are possible for you, and the only software you need is... PowerPoint. That's right! In this course I'll teach you how to prepare outstanding logo-reveal animations without the need to learn advanced and expensive animation software like Adobe After Effects. I'll show you how to use PowerPoint for everything, including placing the sound, animating the logo, and exporting it to a finished, high-quality video ready for your website or YouTube channel. Here are some of the cool things in the course: We'll prepare two ready-to-use animation projectsYou'll learn several animation techniques that most people don't know aboutYou'll discover how to use PowerPoint to substitute for After EffectsYou can attract more business with a unique designAnd you'll learn new skills while you're working on fun projectsWe'll complete two logo-reveal projects - together! Easy! We will work on and complete 2 logo reveal projects - together! Join me in this course if you're searching for shortcuts to some surprisingly awesome PowerPoint tricks. You'll also learn effective graphic design techniques using this wonderful tool. Everyone needs high-quality animated material now because the competition in the YouTube, video marketing, and video content areas has become so intense.