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Welcome everyone to the course "Depression: sleep without medication" A course caused by sleep problems that I have been facing for almost ten years without realizing what happened to myself. Until I was diagnosed with depression, I suffered a lot. Many times, I tried to sleep from midnight but fell asleep in the morning. Initially, I took sleeping pills, but I found that it didn't help me at all. It makes me dizzy but not sleepy. I still can't sleep. It affected my life so much. I had to stop working. So, I decided to stop taking both antidepressants and sleeping pills. In fact, at first, I was afraid that it would get worse. But I have to decide to do something, because my financial situation was not good at the time. If I continue to take medication, it cannot work normally. And I'm a single mom. I take care of the baby by myself every day. This proof of life I can't lose. So, I packed the rest of the medicine and returned it to the hospital. Start a small new job to relieve pressure. And start talking to myself more. Trying to find a way to heal myself. So, solving sleep problems is the first thing I need to do because it affects other routines in my life. There are many ways I've tried it, including eating and sleeping to make my body feel sleepy from eating. Exercise before bed to get tired and tired, but those methods were not healthy. In 2019, I tried sleeping in a normal way but added something fun. Do you know I fell asleep without realizing it. I started having fun and experimenting repeatedly until I was convinced that the methods I discovered worked amazingly, that's why I dare tell you that this is a great way to help you fall asleep without taking medication. With all you need to be determined, you can do it.