PowerPoint 2013: Office Certification Series
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This course is the first in a series that covers the new Microsoft Office Specialist exam format for 2013. The new exams are completely different! PowerPoint 2013: Office Certification Series covers the PowerPoint 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist Exam #77-422 exam from Microsoft. By passing this exam and earning a Microsoft certification you become part of the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) network which will enhance job opportunities and could increase pay as well. With the course you will receive practice materials and the skills needed to pass the PowerPoint 2013 exam. This course should take you only a few days to complete. There are 6 sections in this course, and each lecture is tied directly to one or more skill measures as defined by Microsoft. This course covers every objective listed by Microsoft and a few skills that are not, but are considered valuable knowledge. Mail merge for example is not covered on the exam, but is a huge time saver when having to compose form letters to multiple recipients. To register for the exam please visit Microsoft's exam provider Certiport and purchase an exam voucher. The website is www. certiport. com. Select Register in the upper right corner, to begin the process. When asked what your purpose is answer Take an Exam. Then register for the Microsoft exams. Now you are all set to visit a Certiport testing center to take your exam! Once you pass the exam, you will receive an exam certification and access to the Microsoft Certified Professional website which offers a wealth of benefits.