2-1/2 in. x 0.148-Gauge 30-Degree Paper Joist Hanger Bright Smooth Shank (2500 Per Box)
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The Huttig-Grip construction fasteners line-up includes a diverse and reliable assortment of nails and screws in a variety of styles and sizes for all phases of construction. Huttig-Grip packaging provides detailed information about the fasteners inside that aids fastener selection. Nail length and width gauge, shank type, head style and finish work together to provide the appropriate fastener for the described application. Special attention should be given to the environment in which the fastener will be used. Yellow packaging typically identifies a fastener intended for use indoors or away from moist environments. Green packaging signals fasteners with a finish more suitable for outdoors or damp environments. Red packaging indicates drywall applications, indoor/dry environments only. Blue is for roofing/siding finishes may vary, based upon specific usage. Silver is for stainless steel, with a lifetime stainless limited warranty. Check building codes for requirements and recommendations.


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