ProSensor M210 Center and Edge Professional Stud Finder
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With a Franklin Sensors stud finder, you have the fastest, easiest, most accurate stud finder on the market. To operate the ProSensor M210, simply press and hold the button then place it on the wall and go. There is no calibration procedure. You can instantly find studs. Once you have it on the wall, the LEDs show you right where the stud is. M210 has an Enhanced Precision LED display. with 21 tightly spaced LEDs the M210 more precisely identifies studs. When you move the unit back and forth, the ProSensor M210 continues to track the location of the stud which makes it easy to instantly see the edges and the center of the stud. Franklin Sensors stud finders are the most accurate stud finders because they have more sensors. Other stud finders typically have only 1 or 2 sensors. The ProSensors M210 has 13. with Franklin Sensors' patented technology, you can find stud positions with unbeatable accuracy. The extra wide display on the M210 allows you to see the full width of objects such as double studs and multiple studs. The M210 may also identify live wires. The ProSensor M210 also features a built-in bubble level and convenient pencil caddy to make it the perfect tool for many projects ranging from hanging and leveling pictures to installing cabinets and flat screen TVs. Once you try the ProSensor M210, Franklin Sensors stud finders will quickly become your favorite. Franklin Sensors stud finders.


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