Water Powered Backup Sump Pump
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The K2 Water Powered Backup Pump is designed as an auxiliary backup sump pump for private residences in case your primary sump pump fails or there is a power outage. It is not designed for and should not be used as a primary sump pump. It requires a connection to your municipal water line with a minimum pressure of 40 PSI. The pump can remove up to 420 gal. per hour of water at 10 ft. of lift with an inlet water pressure of 40 PSI. The maximum lift of this pump is 30 ft. with an inlet water pressure of 40 PSI. With a water inlet pressure of 60 PSI, the pump can remove water up to 545 gal. per hour at 10 ft. of lift. The maximum lift with an inlet pressure of 60 PSI is 33.3 ft.


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