IDEAL SECURITY 10.6 in. to 16.625 in. White Adjustable Window Security Bar with Child-Proof Lock for Ventilation
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"Increase security and safety to your horizontal or vertical sliding windows with Ideals Security Window Bar. The sturdy mounting bar adds a visual deterrent, making would-be thieves turn back when they see it blocking the window. Adjustable between 10.6"" to 16.625"" (BK112) and between 15.7"" to 26.75"" (BK111) using the easy release lever. Our window bar allows for smooth opening and closing. Lock your window in place, even when it's open, and add a layer of child-proofing at the same time. Prop your window slightly open for ventilation or install an in-window air conditioner, all while ensuring the window remains locked in position. Window bar provides both safety and peace of mind. The bar is child-proof, ensuring children can't open the windows without supervision. It can also be removed from both saddles quickly, providing a quick and easy escape in case of emergency. Installation is quick, and the bar works great for everyday use. Fasten the two saddles with screws or double-sided tape provided on the window or frame, vertically or horizontally, and fit the window security bar. Never worry about it popping out the way pressure-mounted bars do! If you are renting or you are in a dorm, or in an office, you can use the double-sided tape provided to fasten the two saddles so that they can be removed without leaving a trace. See instructions for more details. Unlike the SK110 Patio Door Window Security Bar, the BK111 and BK112 do not pivot, since it is made for windows. Color: White."


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