Arturia Pigments Polychrome Software Synthesizer, Electronic Download


After 20 years of meticulous crafting, Arturia presents the Pigments Polychrome Software Synthesizer, a revolutionary virtual instrument that redefines the boundaries of music creation. This innovative software synthesizer combines the power of wavetable and virtual analog synthesis, offering an unparalleled platform for sonic exploration. Pigments is designed to ignite your creativity, transforming your musical ideas into vibrant, living color. It provides an intuitive, lightning-fast workflow, allowing you to imagine a sound and then create it with ease. With Pigments, you're not just playing with a software instrument, you're painting with sound.This sophisticated synthesizer features a twin audio engine, enabling you to blend virtual analog and wavetable oscillators to form the perfect foundation for your sound. Morph wavetables, import your own, and experiment with 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, and 3 function generators. The possibilities are endless.Pigments' unique interface makes complex modulations not only easy but enjoyable. It offers a new approach to sound design, laying out all the tools you need to fully express your creativity. From the SYNTH page's main sound-generating elements to the EFFECTS page's studio-quality effects and the SEQUENCER page's arpeggios and sequences, Pigments provides a seamless, natural workflow.The software synthesizer features twin synth engines, allowing you to use virtual analog or wavetable synthesis in any combination. The virtual analog triple oscillator engine offers sine, saw, triangle, and square waves, each with their own adjustable parameters. The complex wavetable engine lets you craft your signature sounds with over 100 wavetables, waveform snapshots, and morphing capabilities.Pigments also boasts twin morphing filters, offering a selection of 8 filters ranging from legendary analog self-oscillating ladders to modern surgeon, formant, and comb filters. The keyboard panel provides quick access to an on-screen MIDI keyboard, while the 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, and customizable functions offer endless modulation possibilities.To add the finishing touches to your sound, Pigments provides a range of stunning effects. From a transparent compressor to distortion, overdrive, wavefolder, bitcrusher, chorus, flanger, phaser, stereo pan, reverb, and customizable delay, you can shape and refine your sound to perfection.Pigments is more than just a software synthesizer. It's a powerful, versatile tool that brings your imagination to life, offering a new level of creative freedom. Whether you're a seasoned producer or a budding sound designer, Pigments is the ultimate software synth that will change the way you make music.