Arturia SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In, Electronic Download


Before the advent of digital synthesizers, Oberheim's SEM - Synthesizer Expander Module - was a game-changer in the world of music. Now, the legendary SEM is back, reincarnated as a high-end software emulation, the SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In, powered by Arturia's exclusive TAE technology. Originally designed to complement other synthesizers, the SEM module soon stood out as a unique and powerful synth in its own right. Its distinctive filter, offering continuously variable operation from low pass to high pass, gave it a sound that was unparalleled. When multiple SEM's were interconnected into a 4 or 8 voice polyphonic system, it transformed into a sonic masterpiece. The SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In accurately recreates the tone, waveshapes, multimode 12dB/octave filter, and other intricate characteristics that made the original SEM a beloved analog classic. With our voice programmer mode, you can emulate the sound of the rare and highly sought-after 8 Voice. While the original SEM was renowned for its bass and lead capabilities, our recreation extends its sound palette to include moving 8 voice pads, acid arpeggios, and even electronic percussion. We've enhanced the SEM with innovative additions like the sub-oscillator for deep basses, a second LFO with more waveforms, and a modulation matrix to greatly expand the sonic capabilities of the SEM. Coupled with the arpeggiator and Key Follow modulator, the SEM V V3 becomes a super-powered synth. The SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In is a faithful reproduction of the original SEM, retaining the unique characteristics that have endeared it to musicians for decades. The SEM V modules have been meticulously modeled using TAE (True Analog Emulation), Arturia's proprietary technology that accurately replicates the behavior of analog circuits. The result is a stunningly precise virtual instrument that delivers the same acoustic properties as the original. From the oscillators to the filter, and from the ADS envelopes to the modulations, every component of the SEM V V3 has been modeled with the utmost respect for the properties of the original circuit. This commitment to detail allows you to recreate any of the classic SEM tones with ease. The SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In also introduces extended functionality, including polyphony and 8 voice multitimbrality inspired by the 2-, 4- and 8-voice models, white noise for ethereal pads and FX sounds, a sub-oscillator with sawtooth and sine waves for added depth, a second LFO for more complex modulations, high-quality onboard effects, an arpeggiator, and portamento for more expressive playing. The SEM V V3 also features three innovative modules: Keyboard Follow, 8-Voice Programmer, and Modulation Matrix. These unique additions allow you to draw complex modulation curves, make drastic edits on up to 8 SEM V voices, and offer 8 simultaneous modulation routings, respectively. With its polyphonic capability, arpeggiator, 8-Voice Programmer, Modulation Matrix, and effects, the SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In can create an incredible array of sounds while staying true to the simple interface and sonic character of the SEM architecture. Whether you're looking to recreate the fat basses that made the Oberheim brand so popular, produce moving and lively leads, or step into a world of deep pads, warm brass, and complex sequences, the SEM V V3 Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Plug-In is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your musical vision. The SEM V V3 is more than just a synthesizer; it's a tribute to a legendary instrument, a tool for musical creativity, and a testament to Arturia's commitment to quality and innovation.



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