Cyprus & Boxwood Pagoda by Dana Gibson


Buying some of Dana Gibson’s work is an ideal way to brighten up – literally – your home and make it into something truly unique and personal. The wonderful thing about Dana Gibson is that there really is something for everyone. Although that phrase can seem cliché in some circles, here it is simply a statement of fact. From giclee prints to cushions to light sconces to desk accessories, and so much more besides, you can start your Dana Gibson collection in any room of the house, and grow it from there. It is the color palette that is going to draw you in first, and the gorgeous designs will burst to life as you look closer. This very artist-centric technique will help you to choose the ideal piece or pieces for your home, and any guests and visitors you have will enjoy spending some time dissecting each thing, searching for different pieces of interior design, and generally falling in love with your home, just as you will when you install some art by Dana Gibson. The interior of your home has a direct impact on the rest of your life. If you live in a drab, dreary, impersonal kind of place, you’ll feel much less happy than if you were to add some color and interest and make your space into something that truly shows the world who you are. With Dana Gibson’s work, you can do precisely that. You can bring color into your life; you can bring joy; you can bring vitality. Finally, you’ll have plenty of choices if you’re buying a piece of art created by Dana Gibson. No matter what room in your home you want to decorate, there will be something created by this stylish and modern art that will suit you. And more than one thing, in fact – Gibson’s output of work is impressive, to say the least.