Palm Sunday by Tim Klein - Picture Frame Photograph
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A native of Tacoma, Washington, Tim Klein is a commercial/editorial photographer. His career spans almost 20 years, and he's been published in esteemed magazines and worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Burberry, Esquire Magazine, The New Yorker, W Magazine, and Yamaha. He shoots with a variety of cameras but prefers his Leica. "My photography is inspired by people, places, and things. I was trained as a photojournalist so I find inspiration everywhere - from my travels abroad to my own backyard. My biggest source of inspiration is light, especially the way it can dramatically change a scene. I love the glow of morning light through the fog, the graphic shadows of noon light, the light of an overcast day, and the dramatic rose-colored light at sunset. I am fascinated by people and their stories - from celebrities and people overcoming a life-changing obstacle to simple loving moments between a parent and their child. There is so much beauty in everyday life. I meet so many people from drastically different backgrounds and all of them inspire me to tell their stories with photography. I am also drawn to nature, from vast open landscapes to intricate details and patterns. The experience of really noticing the world around me is the greatest inspiration of all." Tim currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.



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