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String of Turtles, Peperomia prostrata, in 2 inch pot Super cute great plant gift, collector's succulent, live potted rooted and wrappedThese well-rooted healthy starts, shipped in their pot and soilPlant shipped in its 2" inch pot, and ready for a size up!Excellent as a windowsill plant or for the nooks and crannies of a rock garden where it doesn't get too cold in the winter months.Great for showing off your plants in atrium or patio, or as a part of succulent arrangements. Good as indoor home plants, just need light!Can complement many other succulent plants in most settings.VERY LOW MAINTENANCE!Considered as the EASIEST plants to maintain, they mostly just need light, water, and a container to grow!Plants are shipped in their pots with soil because they are small and portable and less stressful for the tiny plants. Plants are carefully packaged to reduce possibility of damage in transit. Make sure to soak plant with water when soil is completely dry. Check soil is dry before watering againBest tip is to stick your thumb in the soil and check for moisture.Avoid leaving out in the sun for long periods as it can get sun-burned. Keep out of frost.



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