Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 5 in 1 Stud Detector - Cable Detector for Walls - Stud Wall Detector Pipe Detector Wire Detector - Cable Finder Beam Finder Wall Detector with LCD Display and Audio Alarm


☞[Newly Upgraded Stud Finder]: The stud finder wall scanner uses the most sensitive intelligent micro-sensor chip to accurately and quickly locate the edges and centres of metal, studs, joists, pipes and live AC wires behind walls, floors and ceilings. Quick detection saves the user time and effort and makes the task easier to complete. It is sure to be the ultimate gift for professionals, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts..☞[5-in-1 Multi-Functional Stud Detector]: Cable detector for walls has five modes: stud scanning 1/2 inch (13 cm), 1 inch (25 mm) and 1.5 inches (38 mm), metal scanning 2.36 inches (60 mm), and AC power scanning 2 inches (51 mm). As needed, you can switch to the appropriate mode to help you accurately locate wood in walls, the centres and edges of joists or beams, charged AC wires and deeper metals..☞[LCD Display and Real-Time Alerts]: Signal bars on the wall scanner's LCD display provide users with real-time alerts about the distance and direction of approaching objects, while beeps enable precise position identification. In addition, the LCD display is backlit to ensure optimal visibility even in low-light environments, thus improving usability and accuracy..☞[Easy to Use]: The stud wall finder is designed with a range of user-friendly features, including audible warnings and directional arrows shown on the LCD display. The auto-calibration and ergonomic handle are comfortable to use. Press and hold the scan button for 1-2 seconds before testing Auto-calibration provides the user with maximum reliability and accuracy..☞[Versatile]: This joist finder quickly locates wood, metal and AC wires hidden in walls, floors and ceilings. Helps you avoid hazards when hanging and installing TV brackets, picture frames, wall cabinets, garage shelves, racks, mirrors, bathroom knobs and other decorative items. This practical gadget brings you convenience and comfort..☞[About Batteries]: This stud finder scanner does not come with batteries, please purchase them separately. Insert a new 9-volt battery, aligning the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals with the battery terminals. When the battery is low, a low battery icon will be displayed. If the wall detector is not used, it will automatically switch off after 3 minutes. ☞☞☞ Note: A new 9-volt battery will typically last approximately 4 hours.



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