Non Stick Standing Rice Spoon | Rice Spatula | Rice Spoon Paddle, Non-slip Rice Spatula Wear-resistant Rice Spatula for Home, Kitchen, Dishwasher Safe Rice Paddle for Restaurant


Non-adhesive and Gentle: This rice spatula features a distinctive non-stick design with particles that prevent rice from adhering to its surface. Moreover, it is gentle on pots, ensuring they remain unscathed without any scratching..Stable Rice Scooper: Enhance your culinary experience effortlessly with our Standing Rice Spatula, boasting a unique standable configuration. The semi-circular base integrated into its handle enables it to stand upright independently, keeping your countertop tidy and organized..Ergonomic Construction: The non-slip curved handle of this spatula provides a comfortable grip and conforms to the natural curve of the human hand, facilitating easy scooping and serving of rice..Effortless Maintenance: This standing rice spatula is resistant to oil accumulation and can be swiftly rinsed with water. It is also dishwasher-safe, ensuring convenient cleaning without any risk of damage..Food-Safe Material: Crafted from premium PP material, this standing rice spatula is food-safe and poses no harm when in direct contact with food. It boasts durability and resistance to deformation, guaranteeing prolonged usage without compromise in quality.



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