Suleto HQ9 Replacement Shaving Head Compatible with philip Electric Shaver, Hq9 Head Speedxl Razor Blades Cutter for HQ9070 HQ9140 HQ9090 HQ9170 PT920 8270XL 9160XL 9170XL 8170XL, 3Count


Suleto HQ9 replacement heads compatible with norelco razor, Hq9 replacement heads for model 8140XL, 8150XL, 8160XL, 8170XL, 8171XL, 8175XL 8240XL, 8250XL, 8251XL, 8260XL, 8270XL, 8280XL 9160XL, 9170XL, 9171XL, 9190XL, 9195XL & 9199XL, HQ9199, HQ9190CC, HQ9170, HQ9160, HQ9140, HQ9100, HQ9090 and more..Upgraded Cutting System - HQ9 replacement blades fit for shavers for razor is 360 degrees without dead ends, follow the curve of your face. Keep the shaving surface in close contact with your skin for remove your beard gently, painlessly and extra smooth. Round head design perfectly protect your skin from scratching..HQ9 replacement blades heads for shavers built ultra thin heads with slots, first lifts hairs then cut below skin level, easy to shave long hairs and fits to shave the short stubble too. The first blade raises each hair while the second blade comfortably cuts below skin level, for really smooth results..Easy to take off and replace a new head- just two minutes. After installation, place a tiny drop of baby oil on each heads and allow shaver to run for 10 seconds. These steps will help to ensure your shaver properly and smoothly running. Recommend that replace HQ9 shaving heads every 12 months for performance..What You Get - 3Pcs HQ9 shaver heads replacement (Foil & Cutter), 1-Pack Brush.



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