Atealus Vein Finder Infrared Viewer: 4 Mode Veins Detector Portable Handheld Nurses Device Supplies Useful for Adult & Baby - Various Skin People (VP20 + Fixed Stand)


【Multifunction】: Atealus vein detector has 5 brightness mode, 4 colors can be switched, 3 sizes can be adjustable. Can be used to help medical staff find, assess, and locate superficial veins. It can effectively improve the first puncture success rate..【Stronger Endurance】: Atealus vein viewer Using the most advanced battery management system BMS, power consumption as low as 3.5w, charge 3 hours and work 5 hours continuously. Unique fast charge design, our vein finder no need for cooling fan, quiet and no noise..【Clarity】:Atealus veinviewer adopting the world's leading image processing technology, the image spots is less, the surrounding tissue is weakened and the blood vessels are more clear, and the visual interference is minimal..【Easy to Carry】:Handheld vein finder device with charging base can work with tabletop stand or floor mobile stand. Easy Operation. Every vein locator come with a free portable handheld & detachable tabletop or detachable floor mobile stand. Elegant design, easy to carry..【Application】:Atealus vein finder widely used in Pediatrics, Radiology, Emergency, Geriatric, Laboratory, Surgery, Outpatient, Plastic, Vascular, MEC, nurses IV Phlebotomy, Phlebotomists, Students practice etc. Especially suitable for baby, children.