Nieteyrue Updated Disposable Vaginial Cream Applicators (20 Packs) Dosage Markings Hygienic Individually Wrapped Fit to Most Lub-ric-ants, Cream, or Gels, Feminine Care Vaginial Applicators


Accurate Dosage Measurement: Each Nieteyrue vaginial applicator features printed measurements. You can quickly measure the correct dosage with the measurements, offering convenience and precise application for your intimate care needs..Easy & Comfortable to Use: The recessed design of the top of our disposable applicators vaginial cream can easily avoid wastage of gel. And the rounded tip of this vaginial applicator for cream is designed to ensure comfortable and easy during use..Safe & Hygienic Disposable Vaginial Applicators: Each single applicator for vag cream is individually wrapped to be hygienic and ready to use. And the unique design of the push tube makes this vaginial cream applicator reduce air ingress during use, keeping it safe..Versatile: Nieteyrue vaginial applicator fits most lub-ric-ants, cream products and gels. Otherwise, they are also fit to size 00 cap-sules and many shapes of suppositories, pi-lls, soft-gels, tablets..High Quality & Reasonable Price & Trusted Quality Assurance: Compared with similar products, you can buy more quantity (20&40&60&100 pack) and higher quality gel applicators at the same price at Nieteyrue. And we Nieteyrue uphold the principle of 45-DAY Money-Back Support.



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