Generic Squirrel Acorn Rain Chain Replacement Downspout for Gutters | Rain Chain 8-1/2 Feet (Aluminum), black


UNIQUE AND LOVELY DESGIN - This is a rain chain full of natural elements and vibrant scenes, perfectly showing the scene of squirrels chasing and picking acorns. Through the squirrel acorn rain chain, it seems to introduce the beauty of nature into your residence..PRODUCT DETAILS - The squirrel acorn rain chain is composed of 7 acorns, 7 squirrels and several metal rings. The dimensions of each acorn are: the top width is 4 inches, the height is 4 inches, and the bottom width is 0.9. Squirrel height is 7.5 inches..PERFECT DRAINAGE SOLUTION - The length of the squirrel acorn rain chain is 8.5 feet, the acorn cup mouth adopts a large cup size to ensure that all rainwater enters the acorn, and the squirrel acorn metal sheet is smooth and effectively guides the rainwater to flow smoothly to the next acorn. You can also add our Rain Chain Gutter Adapter and Basin to form a complete.EASY INSTALLATION - Squirrel and Acorn have been assembled, no manual assembly is required after receiving the goods, and no tools are required during installation, just hang directly to the drain outlet. Our Squirrel Acorn rain chains are compatible with any standard gutter hole..EXCELLENT DURABILITY - Our Squirrel Acorn Rain Chains are available in two material options, the copper material will develop a unique green patina on the surface over time, making it look very artistic. Our aluminum material is coated with a special black coating that resists scratches and won't rust. The rain chain is assembled manually to ensure that the rain chain is strong and durable.