Vaginal Douche Cleaner Bottle 600ML, Douche Bottle Reusable Vagina Douche Cleaner with 9 Holes Long Nozzles, Vaginal Cleansing System Vaginal Cleanser Female Vaginal Rinse


Thorough and Effective Cleaning: Vaginal Douche is designed with 3 nozzles, each equipped with 9 evenly distributed holes. This advanced flushing system ensures a thorough and effective cleaning experience. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your vaginal hygiene is taken care of, leaving you feeling fresh and clean..High-Pressure Press Type for Backflow Prevention: women's vaginal douche features a pressurized flush with high water output, effectively preventing backflow. This ensures that the cleansing solution is delivered with optimal force, providing a deep and satisfying cleanse. Experience the convenience of a hassle-less flushing experience that prioritizes your comfort and hygiene..Generous 600ml Capacity: With a generous 600ml capacity, women's vaginal douche eliminates the need for constantly refilling during use. The large capacity bottle allows for a seamless and uninterrupted cleaning process, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Save time and effort by enjoying an extended cleansing session without the need for frequent refills..User-Friendly Design with Easy-to-Use Features: vaginal douche is designed with a long connection tube, making it suitable for all women. The carrying handle provides a comfortable grip, facilitating easy control during use. Experience the convenience of a user-friendly design that prioritizes your comfort and ease of use, enhancing your cleansing routine..Easy Cleaning and Odorless Material: women's vaginal douche features a removable design, allowing for easy cleaning. Simply remove the nozzle after use and clean it with warm water for hassle-less maintenance. The vaginal douche is made of premium silicone, ensuring safety and odorless use. Trust in the quality and safety of product, providing you with a reliable and hygienic cleansing solution. Elevate your intimate care routine with this vaginal douche that prioritizes cleanliness



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