Elevate Your Pumping Game: Idaho Jones Bundle - Custom Fit Flange Inserts (18mm) & Gentle Cushy Silicone Flanges (24mm)


Tailored Fit: Customize your pumping experience with Idaho Jones Flange Inserts, effortlessly converting 24mm to 18mm..Superior Comfort: Experience gentle pumping with Idaho Jones Cushy Silicone Flanges, designed for elasticity and comfort..Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with popular breast pumps like Medela, Spectra, Willow Go, and more for a seamless pumping experience..Effortless Convenience: No hacks or trial and error needed – Idaho Jones Bundle ensures easy and convenient pumping sessions..Empower Your Pumping Journey: Idaho Jones Bundle offers a customizable and sure-fire option for a graceful pumping experience at home, work, or on the go.