YEMYLEOU Turkey Baster with Silicone Suction Bulb, Metal Turkey Baster,Turkey Baster for Cooking, Baking,Injecting Marinade(Two silicone brushes included) ,3PCS


Food grade silicone: Our metal Turkey baster is made of high quality silicone that is safe for use in the kitchen. It is soft, flexible, durable and easy to use. The silicone bulb is dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and maintain, and you can easily place it in a kitchen drawer or pantry..Extensive Use:The turkey baster can easily absorb the seasoning through the needle mouth and inject it into the turkey,which can make the food more delicious.Turkey baster can be used for a variety of purposes, and it's perfect for cooking, baking, and grilling..Easy to use: Silicone bulbs are designed to squeeze and release easily, allowing you to precisely control the flow of liquid. Food-grade silicone has strong friction and comfortable grip, making it easy to hold and manipulate..Leak-Proof Design: The turkey baster has a leak-proof design, which means you can confidently use it without worrying about spills or leaks. The seal is tight and secure, ensuring that the liquid stays inside the baster and does not leak out..Food grade silcione brush:This turkey baster comes with two silicone brushes,whole basting brush body covered by soft silicone material which can offer you perfect using feeling. At the same time, this basting brushes kitchen silicone is non-staining and won't pick up food particles.This kitchen basting brush also can be a perfect grilling basting brush for it can withstand temperatures up to 446 °F (230 °C) during barbeque grilling or cooking, and all bristles WON'T melt, discolor or shrink,Easy to baste or BBQ on Turkey.



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