OugeWood Toilet Stool Poop Stool, Load Bearing 660LB Bathroom Toilet Stool Squat Adult 7" Wooden Metal Squatting Poop Stool Portable Potty Stool Toilet Assistance Steps Stool for Kids Seniors Patented


Going Number 2 Unhindered: Experience the comfort with our meticulously designed toilet stool. Potty stool's ergonomic construction aligns your body into a natural squatting position, easing bowel movements and reducing strain. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a whole new level of bathroom bliss with our poop stool!.Built to Last: When it comes to durability, our toilet stool also stands head and shoulders. The whole step stool frame is made of iron, and the footstool bottom is also equipped with reinforced beams to bear up to 660 lb. Metal toilet stools can handle everyday use without a hitch..Space-Saving: Your bathroom space is precious, and that's why our innovative toilet stool boasts a space-saving design. The poop stool's sleek contours fit snugly around the base of your toilet, optimizing space utilization. Step stool C-shape contour is compatible with various sizes of toilets..Family-Friendly Fun: Our toilet stool is for the entire family. Children will love the independence it offers during potty training, and adults will appreciate the smoother and quicker bathroom experiences with our poop stool. Make bathroom time a delightful experience for everyone with our potty stool!.Easy-Clean: Our toilet stool's design ensures effortless cleaning. Simply wipe it down with mild soap and water, and it's as good as new. A clean bathroom starts with our easy-to-maintain potty stool. There is a non-slip pad at the bottom, bringing you more reliable and safer use.



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