Idaho Jones Breastfeeding Power Duo: Twain Pump + 360 Fit Flange (21mm)


Double the Efficiency: Twain portable breast pump with individualized dual settings for each breast ensures maximum milk output, while the 360 Fit Flange offers a tailored fit for all breast sizes..Customizable Comfort: Our 360 Fit Flange offers an optimal fit for all breast sizes, with 17mm, 21mm, and 29mm options, and it's compatible with various breast pumps for a comfortable and pain-free pumping experience..On-the-Go Freedom: Enjoy cordless pumping with the Twain pump's rechargeable battery, and ensure comfort with 360 Fit Flange's customizable 17mm, 21mm, and 29mm sizes – the perfect combo for busy moms..Skin-Friendly Design: The ultra-soft silicone 360 Fit Flange provides gentle compression for elastic nipples and features an integrated duckbill valve for efficient milk flow, all designed to care for your delicate skin..Quiet, Safe, and Discreet: Experience a peaceful and efficient pumping journey with this bundle. The Twain and 360 Fit Flange by Idaho Jones are your trusted companions for a comfortable and convenient breastfeeding experience.