Idaho Jones Breast Pump and 360 Fit Flange (21mm) Bundle: Comfort and Efficiency in One Package


Hospital-Grade Performance: Get the best of both worlds with our sleek and compact Portable Breast Pump delivering hospital-grade performance..On-The-Go Convenience: Pump anytime, anywhere with the cordless and rechargeable Portable Breast Pump. No need for a wall outlet - it fits in your hand!.Tailored Fit for All: The 360 Fit Flange Set offers a customizable fit for every breast size, ensuring comfort and optimal milk output..Efficient Milk Flow: The Silicone Breast Pump Flanges feature an integrated duckbill valve for efficient milk expression, and its ultra-soft design protects delicate skin..Hygienic and Easy to Clean: The closed system of the Portable Breast Pump and single-piece design of the Silicone Flanges ensure hygiene and easy maintenance, making your pumping journey hassle-free.