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【APPLICATION】Can be used for home appliance repair, home circuit repair, car circuit connection, and everything about circuit connection. Suitable for 20-10AWG Electrical Wire Terminals .RED for (0.5-1.5mm² /AWG 20-16), BLUE for (1.5-2.5mm² /AWG 16-14), YELLOW for (4-6mm² /AWG 12-10).【RATCHET DESIGN】Fixed electrical terminal crimping pliers, easy to put the spring and wire into the crimp, easy to operate.The ratchet function allows to fix the wire connector while you can insert the wire into the crimp.Built-in ratchet with safety release assures uniform, accurate and reliable crimps every time..【ADJUSTABLE KNOB】The strength of the handle crimp can be adjusted by adjusting the wheel disc to ensure an even crimp every time. When crimping terminals of different sizes, if you are unable to press the wire, loosen the screw and adjust the knob + to increase pressure, - to decrease pressure..【MATERIAL】Made of high quality carbon steel for durable and long time use. Blackened surface treatment and not easy to rust. The red handle is comfortable to hold, non-slip and reduces fatigue during long working hours..【ANTI-RUST OIL】 The anti-rust oil may be appeared on the pliers, it can protect the pliers from rusting. It's not dirty or used products, you can clean it with a towel and it will not effect the function.



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