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Safe and Friendly Design:Our Animal Climbing Bridge is made of safe wood with specially designed slits that won't snag lizard claws or small snakes, ensuring that your pets will be able to walk freely on the bridge, they will be able to explore freely and show off their skills, while you will be able to easily observe and care for them..Good Grip: Compared with other similar products, our animal climbing bridges are made of higher quality wood, which can provide better grip, higher safety and longer service life, providing a safe and stable environment for your lovely pets, and eliminating the hassle of frequent replacement or repair..Easy to install: Our animal climbing bridge is equipped with four strong suction cups, which ensures that it is securely fastened to the reptile habitat location. Whether it's glass, plastic or other smooth surfaces, it can be easily installed to provide stable support without worrying about the bridge moving or tilting, so your pet can explore to their heart's content with confidence..Perfect Decoration: Measures 6 inches * 12 inches, suitable for reptile enclosures of all capacities, great for reptiles to climb or lay on for sunbathing or resting, ideal for connecting reptile hideouts and hammocks.Wide Range of Applications: Our Animal Climbing Bridge is not only suitable for lizards and small snakes, but also can meet the needs of different types of reptiles. Whether it's frogs, turtles or other small reptiles, all of them can get a better living experience with this multi-functional bridge.



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