Awning Canopy, Clear Rain Shelter, Window Awning Door Canopy Awning for Front & Rear Doors Windows (19.7" x 31.5")


☂【Excellent Protection】With the 0.14" thickened PC material with strong stability and the large size(31.5*19.7 in), it not only protects your home from the weather effect and falling heavy objects but also prevents falling objects from high altitude to avoid accidents, allowing you to enjoy the breeze from the window even though in rainy days and live a safer life.☂【Clear and Modern】The graceful curve, and clear design with excellent lighting and perspective effects, make this awning canopy show a beauty that combines hardness and softness, adding modernity and simplicity to your home decor. Additionally, you can enjoy the beautiful blue sky on sunny days and the rain/snow on rainy and snowy days.☂【Maintenance-Free】The natural curvature can allow rainwater to flow naturally along the surface without forming stagnant water and carry away stains and dust, allowing it free from manual cleaning. You can also wipe it with a damp cloth.☂【Low Noise】It has better sound insulation than glass and acrylic panels of the same thickness. The raindrops hitting on top will not produce noise of more than 60db(equivalent to a daily conversation), providing you with a quiet home environment.☂【Simple Installation】Its lightweight design(less than 6.17 lbs), one-piece structure, and practical installation accessories allow you to easily and stably install this awning canopy on the wall. After drilling an 8mm hole in the wall according to the screw hole position and filling in the expansion screw, you can quickly fix the product with a gasket and self-tapping screw



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