PQWT Water Leak Detector – Superior Precision Indoor and Underground Water Leak Detectors for Home and Pipe Leak Detection Tools


High Precision Measurement: Adopting advanced technology, our water leak detector excels in effectively detecting and solving water leakage problems in household pipelines, delivering accurate and efficient results..Innovative Working Principle: Our detector captures leaking sound signals via a sensor. These signals are then processed and displayed on the screen as visual spectra and signal bars. Combining auditory and visual feedback, you can easily locate the water leakage point..Noise-Reduction System: By adjusting frequencies, our water leak detector effectively reduces environmental noise interference, screening out leakage noise and helping you to identify leakage points swiftly..Enhanced User Experience: This tool is extremely responsive, but do adjust the audio slowly for comfortable headphone use. For better accuracy, handle the probe with care as it contains ceramics..Quality Assurance: PQWT offers a 2-year warranty for this water leak detector. It's small, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it a perfect tool for detecting water leaks wherever needed.



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