Mantveil Catholic Church Veils for Women: Princess Style Flower Embroidered Lace Chapel Veil Mantilla Latin Mass Head Covering


This is a lovely princess style chapel veil. It is made from flower embroidered ivory lace and a delicate lace trim that highlights our femininity while remaining humbly subdued in its simplicity..This small round church veil measures approximately 19 inches in diameter. Perfect as children's veils or for women with shorter hair. It's also a fantastic choice for those starting their veiling journey!.This lace head covering come with two small hair clips, you can sewed them into your veil, this will prevent the veil from slipping, minimising any extra distractions from prayer during Mass or Adoration..This mantilla would be great for a first communion veil. It's also an ideal accessory for catholic women wear to church, specifically for latin mass, pilgrimage, prayer time, wedding ceremonies or other special occasions..It is recommended hand wash with mild soap in warm or cold water. Please do not bleach. After washing, lay flat to dry in a shaded area and low iron if needed. If you have any questions with our veils, please feel free to contact us.



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