Generator Exhaust Extension Silencer Kit with Insulated Through-Wall Mounting Plate


Fits ALL makes and models of portable generators.Includes: 2 universal muffler adapters, 2 clamps, 1 flexible hose, 1 muffler silencer, 1 wall mounting plate.Made from industrial grade aluminized steel alloy, galvanized sheet metal and powder coated parts to prevent corrosion and rust..Generator exhaust extension WITH MUFFLER allows for safe venting of exhaust fumes from an enclosure shed or barrier.The exhaust adapter bolts onto the generator's stock muffler outlet. Remove the existing spark arrestor and bolt to muffler outlet, re-using original bolts..Changes tone of exhaust noise, for more noise reduction purchase a ZHut Zombiebox Acoustic barrier.Engineered by Zombiebox for the best noise reduction and minimal thermal transfer to the wall or enclosure - Find complete noise enclosures and solutions from Zombiebox on the web.Fits generator mufflers with No.68 & 88 spark arrestor screen - OR- 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" apart, spark arrestor hole spacing..Fits Firman Models T07571, T07573, WH03242 & H07552 and Fits Honda Models EU7000is, EU6500is