Socobeta Generator Interlock Switch, Smooth Generator Interlock Plate for Household Appliances


Safe Power Generation: This generator interlock kit avoids the inconvenience that can be caused by unexpected power outages. It is used to safely direct generator power to any circuit in your home. This really is a great way to safely connect your generator while ensuring you have access to all your household appliances..Long Lasting Use: This generator interlock kit has a built in excellent chemical resistant and thick solid aluminium alloy interlock switch plate that is extremely durable for long lasting use. With a chamfered and oxidised finish, the generator interlock kit will maintain a stylish look and a smooth surface to protect the user's hands..Easy Installation: This generator interloc kit is supplied with a 3/16 drill bit, made of sturdy steel, which fits easily through the circuit breaker panel. Easy to install, no additional control box or wiring required..Compatible Model: This engine interlock kit is compatible with for General Electric GE 150 or 200 amp panels..1 1/4 Spacing: 1 1/4inch between the main and generator circuit breakers for this generator interlock kit.



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