Electric Hot Water Heater,50L/80L/100L/120L Tankle Water Heater Shower Instant Bathroom, 110 1500W Wall Mounted Quick Heating Water Heater With Temperature Adjustable 86-167 F (80L 21 Gallon)


FULL AUTOMATIC CONTROL: The electric water heater automatically adds cold water, automatic heating, automatic temperature control, water heater with pre-constant temperature knob and indicator can be operated conveniently, the state is clear..FOUR-FOLD SAFETY PROTECTION: The water heater is equipped with multiple safety protection devices such as dry burning protection, over-temperature protection, power leakage protection, high water pressure protection, etc. to ensure safety and reliability..CERAMIC LINER: The inner liner of the hot water is made of ceramic, which is anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-scaling, anti-leakage and prolongs the service life..DEDICATED SEWAGE OUTLET: Domestic water heater liner cleaning is simple and time-saving. Installation of liner anode protector in the drain port, convenient for inspection and replacement of anode protection materials..OVERALL POLYURETHANE FOAM THICKENING: Good temperature control of the water heater, energy-saving and power saving, simple appearance, sturdy structure, effective prolongation of service life.



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