Eaasty 500 Pcs Gift Card Sleeves Card Envelopes Hotel Credit Card Sleeves Key Card Holder Blank Card Sleeves Key Card Envelopes Credit Card Protector for Business, 2.36 x 3.54 Inch, Blue


Adequate to Meet Your Needs: you will receive 500 pieces of our hotel key card envelopes, abundant in quantity, convenient for the hotel to use or replace, sufficient to meet your daily needs, printed with important information, clear and concise.Thoughtful Deep Thumb Cut Design: sporting an innovative deep thumb cut design, the gift card sleeves allow effortless removal and insertion of the cards, offering convenience and efficiency and increasing the usability and practicality of the sleeves.Material and Size Information: our hotel key envelope is made of paper, quality and reliable, not easy to break, you can write your information directly on the envelope, and the size is about 2.36 x 3.54 inches/ 6 x 9 cm, suitable for most cards.Magnetic Stripe Protection: our gift card envelopes ensure the safety of magnetic stripes on your gift cards and credit cards, preventing them from failing due to scratching or exposure. By using our sleeves, you're ensuring the longevity of your cards' functionality.Wide Application Range: these envelopes for gift cards are applicable to a wide array of places such as hotels, businesses, retail shops, restaurants, resorts, spas, retailers and events; Not limited to storing hotel keys, they can likewise house gift cards and any other cards of similar size, making them a versatile tool for your card storage needs



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