Tyxywmm Toss and Catch Game Ball Set, 6 Rackets and 3 Balls,Outdoor Play Set, Games for Kids, Outdoor and Beach Toys, Catch Games and Beach Play Toy


Holiday essentials: happy holiday, beach, picnic, lawn, etc., is the first entertainment, suitable for 3-12 years old children outdoor games, the beach will play a variety of ball, step catch and pitching。Pop darts, catch and throw outdoor set and a series of..Best gift: The retractable shoulder strap allows you to carry easily and give you a gift on a friend's birthday or Christmas, which not only increases the interaction between children and family, but also allows us to enjoy the fun of ball game sets..Healthy exercise: Exercise children's hand and eye, body, physical harmonize, add children's interaction anytime and anywhere happy games..When playing alone, throw the ball up first and catch it with the racket as it falls. When many people play, throw each other, and control the distance of the position according to the strength. Bright colors can stimulate children's ability to distinguish colors.Technical Products: The racket is made of solid and durable plastic disc and nylon hasp, and it is made of environmentally-friendly hook and loop. The Plastic appearancewith better viscosity is smooth and burr-free, which greatly improves the Fault-tolerant rate of children when they are used