2Pcs Retractable Protable Clothesline - Outdoor Travel Camping Clothesline Accessories with 12 Clothespins for Indoor Backyard Balcony Vacation Hotel Black Blue


Powerful design features: This travel portable clothesline features a positioning bead design that allows for smooth left and right movement. It comes equipped with 12 clothespins and 13 windproof and non-slip buckles, making it an ideal choice for your travels. Additionally, it can extend up to 9.8Ft in length, allowing your clothes to dry more evenly..Sturdy and durable: The heavy-duty clothesline bar can be secured with two strong stainless steel hooks and has movable anti-slip buckles for added convenience. It not only works for hanging lightweight clothing but can also hold heavy items such as jeans and coats..Absolute advantage: The rope is approximately 0.5cm thick, elastic, and retractable, making it easy to carry and fold. It has a non-slip design, as well as positioning beads, hooks, and clothespins that have strong clamping force. It can be used to hang towels, diapers, underwear, socks, blankets, and other types of clothing without worrying about them being blown away by the wind..Wide range of applications: Suitable for camping, RVs, outdoor retractable clotheslines, RV interior decor, RV accessories, and travel trailers. It can also be used for swimming pool clotheslines and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A must-have for campers and RVers, a portable retractable clothesline is worth having..Convenient foldable design: This travel portable clothesline is easy to fold and does not take up much space, making it easy to carry around. It can be used in various environments, such as during travel, business trips, camping, and for home use, making it an essential tool for your travels.



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