DOT Approved OTS Flip-Up Dual Visor Motorcycle Full Face Helmet with LED Spoiler (OTS Dobermann Red,L)


OTS motorcycle helmets are DOT-compliant and feature a convenient flip-up design for easy access. With just a lift of the front section, riders can quickly expose their face without removing the entire helmet. This enhances convenience and allows for hassle-free communication or ventilation adjustments while on the road..Incorporating an LED Spoiler, OTS helmets combine style and safety. The spoiler not only adds a sleek look but also enhances visibility. TheLED lights can be programmed into various modes, such as steady or flashing, ensuring riders are easily noticed by other motorists, especially in low-light conditions..Aerodynamics play a crucial role in OTS helmets, as their streamlined design minimizes wind resistance and reduces distracting noise. This allows riders to enjoy a smoother and quieter experience during their journeys, enhancing overall comfort and concentration..OTS helmets prioritize both safety and comfort with their hypoallergenic padding. This padding offers a secure and comfortable fit, while also providing excellent impact resistance. It helps absorb and distribute the force of impacts, ensuring maximum protection for riders..Clear and wide vision is a key feature of OTS helmet visors. The visors offer optimal visibility, enabling riders to see their surroundings clearly while on the road. Additionally, the outer and inner visors are treated with the latest UV protection technology, blocking up to 98% of ultraviolet radiation and safeguarding the rider's eyes from potential damage.



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