Fog Machine Vertical Smoke Machine with LED Lights, Disco Ball, Wireless Remote and Sound Activation, Produce Smoke Vertically or Horizontally - Ideal for Parties, Stage, Halloween, Events


【1000 Watt Vertical Fog Machine】With a quick warm-up time of just 3-4 minutes, this 1000 watt fog machine sprays a dense 10-16 feet cloud of smoke for an impressive duration of 30-50 seconds. Producing approximately 8000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of non-toxic fog, it effortlessly fills a room of up to 200 square feet, creating a stunning smoky effect.【9 LED Lights】This smoke machine is equipped with 9 LED beads that can create 11 vibrant colors, including red, green, and blue, adding excitement to the smoke. Use the wireless remote control to choose from automatic jump mode, strobe mode, or sound-activated mode that syncs with the music. The strobe mode offers a choice between a dazzling white strobe or a single-color strobe.【1 Disco Ball】This smoke machine is equipped with a 3-inch diameter disco ball that adds a touch of magic to your party! The disco ball can operate on its own or sync with the music, producing spectacular rays and patterns within the smoke.【Wireless Remote】Featuring a powerful wireless remote control, this smoke machine allows you to effortlessly control the smoke, LED lights, and disco ball switch and operation mode. Enjoy the convenience and ease of use with the wireless remote control.【Multi-purpose Fog Machine】With its unique structure and fog juice tank design, this smoke machine offers versatile spraying options. It can be placed horizontally for an upward spray, or mounted with the hanging ring for a downward spray. Alternatively, you can position it upright for a horizontal spray. This smoke machine is perfect for various occasions including parties, stages, Halloween, weddings, and more. It effortlessly caters to different scene requirements



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