24 Pcs Potty Training Stickers Potty Stickers Reusable Potty Training Reveal Stickers Potty Training Seat Stickers Color Changing Sticker Toilet Targets for Potty Training (Woodland Animal)


Potty Train Like a Pro: some kids resist potty training because they just dread sitting on the potty, even if you use a baby potty training toilet they like; Kids are adventurous beings, and making the most mundane activity fun for them will make your life so much easier, and your kid so much happier.Color Changing Design: potty training stickers are safe, made from thermochromic color changing paper, they are heat sensitive and reveal color upon contact with heat; PVC covering makes it easy to rinse and prevents it from retaining odor; Kids like to see the image appear on contact with their urine and disappear on contact with cold water; The very idea that they make the amazing thing happen with their pee makes them want to go in the potty training toilet every time.Sufficient Potty Stickers: the package contains 24 pieces of potty train stickers for the toilet in 12 different styles, 2 pieces per style, sufficient quantity and diverse styles to meet your kids' daily needs and replacements, but this doesn't mean that the potty training usually last for that long.Proper Size for Use: the potty training reveal stickers measure approx. 7 cm/ 2.8 inches in diameter, proper size fits most types of potties; You can put them somewhere else as lovely decorations if you can't use all these stickers.Good Personal Habit: these toddler potty training targets are helpful to develop a healthy habit for your children at an early age; The training stickers will promote independent learning in toddlers and they learn to use the toilet at their own without anyone's help which can reduce the anxiety and stress associated



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