BIOPRONEXT Pressure Hand Pump Sprayer - 0.4 Gallon Small Pump Spray Bottle with Safety Valve and Adjustable Nozzle - High-Pressure Pump Hand Sprayer for Home Cleaning, Garden or Car Detailing (1.5L)


Versatile and Efficient: Our pump spray bottle offers an easy-to-use compression action, making it a practical and efficient tool for various applications. Whether you need to mist plants, clean your home, or detail your car, this small pump sprayer is up to the task.Adjustable Spray Nozzle: With an adjustable spray nozzle, this pressure sprayer allows you to customize the spray pattern according to your needs. Whether you require a fine mist or a focused stream, the adjustable nozzle ensures precise application of a variety of liquids.Built to Last: The pump sprayer car detailing is constructed with a robust orange compression design and high-quality PE material, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. Its sturdy build can withstand demanding applications, making it suitable for equine uses, handling tougher substances, and fly sprays.Safety and Convenience: This 50 Oz pressurized spray bottle is equipped with a built-in safety valve, offering peace of mind during operation. The inline filtration system helps prevent clogs, ensuring a consistent spray pattern. Additionally, the stabilizing base provides stability on all terrains, making it suitable for various outdoor tasks.Multi-Purpose Applications: This spray bottle pump sprayer is a versatile tool suitable for a range of applications. From garden and lawn care to home cleaning and car detailing, this sprayer covers all your needs. It can be used for applying cleaners, insecticides, leaf polish, liquid fertilizers, and even grooming and dairy uses



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