SALI Non Woven Wire Abrasive Drawing Polishing Burnishing Wheel Flap Brush Wire Brush Drum Surface Conditioning Tool for Metal Surface Polishing Grinding Removing Rust 120x100x19mm (400 Grit)


Specification: Diameter: 120x100x19mm, grain size: 400 Grit..Sharp & Durable - With durable fiber mesh as the carrier, the sharp abrasive particles are firmly attached to the fiber mesh with strong cutting force. The sand particles will not fall off during the high-speed grinding process..Safer & Less Noise - With elastic and honeycomb shape, the surface conditioning tool drum can easily remove chips, prevent the grinding particles from flying as well as sparks.The surface won't be blacken, discolor or leave residues due to heat. Leaving a clear and shiny texture..Great Grinding Effect - While grinding at high speed, the burnishing tool polish and smooth the paint and primer to bare metal much quicker than a DA sander. Not only polished the coating but also the surface without damage. Takes off paint and rust quickly, especially suitable for polishing stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal structure products..Cross Lock Design - With the cross lock cylinder design, the lock buckle is tight and not easy to fall off, so that you can work at ease. Adopting special joint technology, it canr esist High temperature. Wide Application - The polishing wheel can polish mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper products, plastics, fibers, wood, stone, concrete surfaces, etc. Used in automobiles, ships, construction, furniture, bridges, home repairs.