Chewies for Invisalign Aligners,Maoerdental Orthodontic Aligner Chewies for Aligner Chompers,Y-Shaped Chewies for Aligner Trays Seater 4pcs Colorful (Mint)


New Colors: The latest design colorful Y Shape Chewies for Aligners.Our Orthodontic Aligner Chewies are the perfect solution to help your tray fit correctly, relieve pain from wearing aligners, and prevent deformities caused by braces. Our chewies are effective and easy to use, making them the best choice for aligner care..Food Grade Silicone Material: Our Aligner Chewies are made of soft, high-quality silicone,the hardness of silicone is 45°, which is the best hardness for masseter muscle training..Y-handle Designed: Easier to hold .Can apply firm pressure on a specific tooth like Molars area, Incisor area,Canines area..Multi Flavors can choose: Use the flavor essence for making cakes. You can choose the flavor that you prefer, or select our unflavored option if you prefer to avoid any artificial flavors..Recommended for Orthodontic Treatment: Our chewies are highly recommended for individuals who are new to aligners and are having trouble getting their aligners to fit tightly and correctly.



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