TopQuaFocus 200g Grout Reviver - White Grout Cure with Whitener Forever White Grout Renew Grouts for Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Fast Drying Grout Repair Ki


Widely used: Our grout repair kit is suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls, shower areas, including electric shower rooms, damp rooms, etc. No need to spend money to find someone to repair, using our tile grout repair can solve your problem.Easy to use and triple protection: Apply directly from the test tube using the built-in easy-to-use sponge applicator. Dry to a bright white color. White Grout Cure adopt integrated technology to protect your floor and kitchen cleaner.Different types of nozzles: “bathroom grout repair kit” Whether you want to fill large or small gaps, you can use scissors to trim them into different sizes of nozzles, which makes your operation faster and easier, and the grout pen is always a white cement slurry fixing agent.Eco friendly - bathroom grout filler repair has been scientifically designed to make your family and pets safe. The main components are water, all of which are safe.It is a regular grout reviver pen for your home, making your life more convenient. The powerful formula of tile adhesive with high adhesion for seam filling is not easy to peel off, ensuring high adhesion with wall tiles when used on all surfaces and in all room types.



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