SmartSign "Eye Wash Station" Two-Sided V-Shaped Projecting Sign with Down Arrow and Symbol, 6 x 5 inch, 120 mil Polished Acrylic Sign for Hallway/Corridor, White/Green


DURABLE. Projecting Eye Wash Station Sign is made from 120 mil thick acrylic and is highly durable for years of use. Sign's message is directly printed on the material providing extra durability. Competitor signs apply stickers which, over time, can start to peel away..EASY TO INSTALL: Sign has flanges on both sides with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Projecting sign comes with mounting kit for fast installation including screws and adhesive tape. Mount the projecting sign on a flat surface like on top of a door, in the middle of a hallway, or on a piece of equipment..PROJECTING ADVANTAGE: Sign is noticeable in both directions. In an emergency, projecting sign makes it easy to locate first aid equipment, evacuation routes, and exits. Innovative 74° bend offers superior visibility. Suitable both indoors and outdoors..SAVES TIME: A three-dimensional sign with double-side printing does not let people waste time looking for equipment in the midst of an emergency. It eliminates confusion and encourages people to take quick safety decisions..PACK CONTENTS: One 6 x 5 inch two-sided acrylic projecting sign with pre-drilled holes and an attachment kit containing screws, washers, and adhesive tape.