HOMPUS Outdoor Round Propane Fire Pit Table, 41''x12'' Fire Table w Wind Guard & 20lb Tank Cover Table, 50000 BTU Fire Pit w Free Waterproof Cover & Fire Stone for Patio, Garden, Colorful Terrazzo


🔥Prepare to indulge: This outdoor fire table is so enticing that you will constantly crave the joy it brings. The colorful terrazzo design gives it an unparalleled appearance, whether it's in the morning, afternoon, dusk, or night, you'll want to sit by its side and appreciate the flickering flames. It creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere that goes beyond just being an outdoor fire table..🔥No regrets guaranteed: This is a fire pit table that excels in all aspects. Made with premium and durable materials like oxidized magnesium and concrete, it ensures that it will accompany you for a long time. With a burning power of 50,000 BTU, the flames will keep dancing forever. You'll get a full-size fire pit table with a stainless steel burning system that's enough to captivate anyone just by being there..🔥What you will get: A full-size fire pit table, free volcanic stones to keep the flames company, a free rain cover to protect against harsh weather, free AA batteries for automatic ignition, a free propane tank holder to ease your worries, a high-strength explosion-proof glass wind guard to safeguard you and your flames, and an oxidized magnesium propane tank cover table that matches the main product's color, making it complete. With all these, you can start enjoying your "fire moments.".🔥Details you should know: The finish of this fire pit table is carefully crafted and unique, unlike anything you've seen before. Its appearance is not orderly arranged, but completely random, hand-painted, and each one is unique. The fire pit comes with adjustable legs to protect your flooring from scratches and ensure stability on any surface. The side handles also enhance its mobility for easy moving..🔥Always reassuring: Product dimensions are 40.9''x40.9''x11.8'', a full-size fire pit table that comes with a one-year warranty, and we welcome your feedback and inquiries at any time. In the days ahead, enjoy the wonderful life with HOMPUS.