sierescon Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Noise Cancelling, Nano Digital Amplifier Mini Invisible Aid In-the-Ear, Includes Magnetic Contact Charging Box & Cleaning Kit, Blue Red Pair (LL-C800)


1.Whistling/Feedback Cancellation By Up to 98% - With an upgraded Feedback/Whistling cancelling system to block out a wider range of whistling sound. So you can wear and use it more easily.Nano hearing amplifiers for seniors rechargeable with noise cancelling,making the sound more natural..2.One-finger Operation - Ear amplifier for hearing you can easily make adjustments to the volume and settings of the hearing aids, depending on the environment you are in. One button for both volume and toggling between the preset programs. Whether you are in a noisy restaurant or a quiet library..3.Three Preset Modes - The ear sound amplifier has three different usage modes. Press the push button and hold for around 3s to switch the programs. You can play with the settings to figure out which mode worked best for your environment..4.Rechargeable - The charging case is a charger in itself so that one never needs to worry about changing batteries or losing power. The portable charging case allows for efficient and convenient charging on the go. Enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the Portable and durable charging case only 2-3 hours. Use charging case to charge your hearing amplifier up to six times and enjoy up to 30 hours of quality hearing per charge..5.Discreet and Sleek Design – Sierescon hearing device is sleek, small, and virtually invisible. This hearing amplifier perfect for all-day wear, while the three listening modes provide a personalized hearing experience. With fast charging and a portable case, you can easily take it with you wherever you go..6. Loud & Clear Sound Quality - Hearing aids comes with built-in intelligent chip. Featuring 6 channels and 12 bands. Digital signal processing divides sounds to different channel frequencies which improving processing noise reduction, feedback cancellation and background noise removal significantly, making the sound clearer.