Doboli Retainer Case,Retainer Case with Vent Holes and Mirror,Compatible with Invisalign,Night Guard and Mouth Guard Case,with A Storage Bag,Slim Aligner Remover Tool,Chew & Brush,Travel Essentials


Vent holes and mirror design: The Doboli retainer case features vent holes to keep your retainer dry. Additionally, it comes with an integrated mirror, allowing you to check your oral hygiene and retainer fit anytime, anywhere..Compatible with multiple products: This retainer case is suitable for Invisalign, night guards, mouth guards, and other dental products. You can store multiple retainers in one case for easy management..Comes with a storage bag: For convenient portability, we also provide a storage bag to store the retainer case and other accessories, allowing you to use them anytime, anywhere..Slim aligner remover tool: With frequent retainer changes, you may need a tool to remove them without damaging your teeth. We provide a slim aligner remover tool that allows you to easily remove your retainers..Chewie and brush: To help you maintain good oral hygiene, we also include a chewie and brush. Comfortable to chew, helps your aligners are seated fully on your teeth, making your treatment progress faster, while the brush allows you to clean your retainers.



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