Friction Gong Mallet Set for Large Gong Produces Whale Sounds eGong Wand Flumi Soft Low Notes Gong Resonant Mallet For Sound Healing Meditation Yoga 2 Rubber Mallet Acoustic Percussion


This gong mallets friction kit includes a set of 2 friction mallet, one gray and one blue.The eGong Wand is made with silicone rubber, adding durability. The heads are securely glued to flexible carbon-fiber handles, offering the perfect grip and pressure to get your gong singing like whales. And perfect for Chinese gongs..Sounds like whale singing-The haunting overtones and harmonics produced by this friction mallet are similar to whale Sounds,This super cool sounds can give a whole new level and layer of sound to your gong..Sonic Energy Gong resonators-This Sonic Energy Gong Resonant Mallet is not a standard mallet, but a specially formulated rubber ball. You can create not only a soft bass sound but also a loud resonance by dragging along the surface of large gong..Suggested Pairing: We recommend using these mallets on gongs 24" in diameter and larger.The bigger the gong, the better the sound..Ideal for meditation, yoga or sound healing therapy — This sound effect has a powerful feeling of relaxation, making it easy to get into a meditative state or to help others get into a relaxed state.