JOMECA Drop Foot Brace with Reel-Adjust Dorsiflexion Drop Foot Support Lifting Up Foot Drop Brace for Walking with Shoes for Foot Drop Cause by ALS,MS,Stroke,Diabetic Neuropathy AFO Fit Women & Men (1, Gray-Black)


Exclusive Dial-Adjustable- JOMECA AFO foot drop brace specialize in supporting drop foot while walking, use dial to adjust the angle of dorsiflexion, easily achieve the support needed. Foot drop brace for walking is designed to be worn with lace-up shoes for solving walking problems, improving walking gait, prevent tripping, effectively improve lower limb balance. AFO foot drop brace for drop foot caused by muscular dystrophy,diabetic neuropathy. Maximum ankle circumference: 12".Assist Foot Drop Walking- Open-style AFO foot drop brace deliver external traction, unrestricted foot movement, without sacrificing the comfort of wearing shoes, can be worn with most types of shoes, like lace-up shoe, sandals, hook-and-loop shoes, any shoe that can be threaded with Velcro strap will do. Wearing foot drop brace can be a bit bulky inside shoe when you want to go out, but not JOMECA drop foot brace. No more worrying about drop foot brace only fits loose shoes..New Support Experience- More convenient than foot drop brace with velcro fastening. reel-adjust foot drop brace for easier adjust support at any time, just turn the reel to get the accurate dorsiflexion needed, ultra-strong pulling force steel wire brings you extreme dorsiflexion feeling. No-burden design solves the problem of traditional foot drop brace, which is bulky to wear in shoes..Pro Ergonomics Design- According to the principle of skeletal muscle function, sophisticated design foot drop brace delivers precision, adaptability and control, optimizing performance for drop foot support and stability. Combination of double fixation leg strap, fine-adjust reel and ultra-strong thin steel wire. User-friendly afo foot drop brace, just reel up adjust foot flexor, push up quick release wire..24/7 at Your Service- Buy with confidence! If you have any dissatisfaction with JOMECA drop foot brace, please contact us for free return immediately. JOMECA drop foot brace for walking with shoes provide dorsiflexion to assist drop foot clear off the ground, compensation for calf muscle weakness needed to lift the foot, reduce risk of falling. Put it on and instantly lighten your steps.