VINSGUIR Pickleball Paddles Set of 2, USAPA Approved Fiberglass Surface Pickleball Paddles, Pickleball Rackets with Pickleball Balls and Pickleball Bag, Pickleball Set Gifts for Women Men


For Novice Players - Vinsguir pickleball paddles and balls are crafted for beginners, ensuring an blend of materials, weight, and dimensions. The thicker core absorbs impacts, while the fiberglass surface provides enhanced control. The 5-inch grip length ensures comfort for overgripping, catering to beginners' needs..Core Material and Higher Core density - The Vinsguir pickleball paddle set of 2 are constructed with polymer honeycomb cores. A higher-density core uses smaller honeycomb cells so more of them are packed into the paddle. This gives the paddle a harder, firm feeling and offers more power compared to bigger cell cores..The Weight You Can Play - If you are a beginner buying your first paddle it's probably best to start with a light paddle (7.3 – 8.2 oz). VINSGUIR pickleball paddles boast (7.8 oz) that allows even novice players to hit consistently. On the other hand, if you are looking to improve ball control and touch (precise aim and carefully placed dink shots) chose a lighter paddle..Choose a paddle with the right grip circumference - It is essential to pick a pickleball paddle that has the correct grip circumference to match your hand size. VINSGUIR's handle size (length: 4.92” and circumference: 4.25'') allows for more wrist action, making it easier to put a spin on the ball and enhancing control. The premium grip adds comfort and absorbs sweat during intense matches..Vinsguir Pickleball Paddles Set - Approved by the USA Pickleball Association, these paddles meet tournament standards. The set includes 2 fiberglass pickleball paddles, 2 outdoor pickleball balls (40 holes), 2 indoor pickleball balls (26 holes), and 1 pickleball bag. The pickleball gifts for lovers of this pickleball sport. This pickle ball rackets 2 pack ensures endless fun and laughter, making it an choice for games with family and friends.



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