Ted's Sterling Magic Copper Silver Coins Genuine US Half Dollar Copper Penny Coin Trick (UK Penny)


ZERO SKILL REQUIRED - The gimmick makes this trick one of the easiest magic tricks to learn and perform; Read the instructions, practice, and in 10 minutes, YOU are a magician.MADE IN USA – Genuine United States currency for authenticity and believability; Hand out regular coins after the trick for inspection.COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS – Covers operation of the gimmick and performance of various tricks with the Scotch and Soda Coin Set.PERFORMER MUST SUPPLY A US HALF DOLLAR COIN TO PERFORM THE TRICK INCLUDED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS – US Half Dollar coins have changed very little over the years so it should be easy to locate a match.WIZARD COIN – 1 Included with every product, includes video learning link for multiple tricks



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